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Commission Pricing Table (USD)
+ 1/2 of the base price for extras, panels & additional characters

TypeBase PriceExtras
Rough Sketch$50-$100Color, Background
Refined Sketch/Lined$100-200Color, Background
Illustration/Painting$600-$1200Background included
Live2d Animation$100-$300Cutting

- Prices are an estimate and may vary depend on complexity. You can check out the examples for a range of detail levels. Contact for a custom quote.


Status: Closed

Vtuber Pricing Overview (USD)
Base: 4 expressions, 2 animations, 1 outfit, showcase
Extra: Outfits $300 | Expressions & Toggles $20 | Animations $50 | Vbridger $300

~ Prices are an estimate and may vary on final quote.

Live2d Vtuber Rigging$400$800$1300
Live2d Vtuber Art & Rigging$800$1600$2600
Head Angleslimitedup to 40°up to 60°
Torso Movementsimple/single axisXYZXYZ extended
Lower Body MovementNoneHip Z & simple stepHip XYZ & Dynamic Step
EyesSimple bounceEye/LashDetailed
Toggle TransitionsFadeSingle MovementDynamic Movement

A tier for more simple model designs. This could include a simple art style with detailed rigging. Full body with basic lower body movement or half-body with higher mobility.

The standard tier for a wide range of models. Medium to high detail art with head, torso & leg movement. Optional extras available as needed such as toggles, Vbridger & outfits.

This tier is either for high detail models or experimental features. They will feature high mobility, detailed face rigging, animated transitions and greater variation compatibility. Optional extras available as needed.

Model Showcases

Art & Rigging: Kuroama

Soz not many up to date showcases atm. More coming soon!

Vtuber Mini Examples

Example: Simple Rig & Art




For business and commission inquiries:


Illustration | Live2d | Editing | Business Management

Recommended Artists

If you have any recommendations for affiliated artists, feel free to message me.Artists:
Ayaya - live2d model art

Vtuber Quote Calculator
Prices are an estimate

Commission Logs
updated automatically

Terms of Service

By Commissioning any Cozy Forges' services you agree to the following terms.
Terms are subject to change.
Cozy Forge aims to provide good communication and a fun relaxed pace. With specialization in experimental ideas and problem solving. Rush orders are generally not preferred, but may be accepted in some cases.

- A quote or applying for a commission does not guarantee a slot.
- An order is locked in once a piece is chosen and confirmed for a batch.
- Payment is to be made around 1-2 weeks before the piece is started.
- 100% payment upfront (Under $400).
- Optional 50% payment at start and 50% mid way (Over $400).
- Payment method: Wise, Stripe
- All prices are in USD, invoices may be AUD.
- Client must be over 18

Dos and Don'ts
- No explicit content.
- No offensive material or illegal content.
- No copyrighted materials.
- All genders and body types are okay with some limitations.

Application Form
- As of batch 3 I'll be switching to a form system due to a high volume.
- The form will be opening every 1-3 months with limited capacity.
- While early submissions are good, it is not required due to a weighting system.
- References & a concise description is required. Guide
- I generally value a fun ideas over other things.
- Applicant will be weighted on recency, preference & attempts.
- Well referenced & concise forms.
- Creative ideas.
- High quality designs.

- Please take the time to understand live2d Vtubers & Vtube Studio. Guide
- A character sheet or collection of original references is required (Art commission).
- Reference should include full body and callouts.
- An initial sketch will be made before starting a final artwork (Art commission).
- For vtuber models, a medium to high performance PC is expected.
- A pre-setup folder for Vtube Studio is included.
- The live2d editor file can be provided on request (negotiable fee).
- Previous Vtuber commissions can apply for upgrades on a separate priority que.

- Up to 2 main revisions (additional revisions will be re-quoted).
- I ask that change notes be kept to a minimum while a commission is being streamed.
- Please keep change notes in batches and not scattered throughout the process.

Usage Rights
- The client can use/post the commission publicly or for profit.
- The artist reserves the right to use the artwork for portfolio or promotional means.
- Progress may be streamed and posted.
- If a client is malicious, the artist may retract the rights to a commission (e.g. racism, sexism).

Refunds & Cancellations
- Re-funds to be negotiated if the artwork can not be completed.
- Client cancellation: Partial refund of the remaining work & fee for time lost.
- Artist cancellation: Refund of the remaining work.
- If an order is canceled before starting, a re-schedule may be possible but not guaranteed.
- Cozy Forge reserves the right to cancel a project (e.g health or communication issues).

Guide & Info

- This overview is a work in progress. If there is something missing you think may be helpful, feel free to message me! (Discord is preferred)
- Communication is one of the most important things! Sometimes there is issues, however it's important to bring it up early! I'm always down to talk things out.
- Each piece will vary to some degree, some include experimental or new features. Do not expect free updates if another piece includes something different.
- Commissions are a part of my freelance work, hence prices are based on a rough hourly wage.
- Art is a luxury expense. Please wait until you are in a stable position to commission.
- Understandably my work may be outside your budget. I highly recommend looking into learning yourself and happy to help if I can!

Vtuber Shopping List
- Medium to High performance PC
- Webcam or FaceID supported iPhone
- Tracking Software (Vtube Studio) - $15
- Live2d Vtube Model
- Streaming software (OBS) - Free

References and Description
Initial description for a piece should be able to fit in under a paragraph. While descriptive words can be helpful, try to keep them easy to understand. I enjoy reading others ideas, however, using words like "biggest" or "most amazing" is not very helpful.
I recommend Pureref for organizing images on a board. Whether it's original work or sourced references, a collection of different angles, items, expressions, vibes and notes is super handy!

The software I use for rigging is called live2d. It uses multiple layers of 2d art to bring the work to life (more info on layer breakup below). Deformers are then used manipulate 2d art meshes. These variables and more can be saved to sliders (parameters) and stacked together to create a desired effect. While this technique allows for a lot of creative control, it is not 3d. It can't be used like a 3d vr chat avatar and can't turn around unless it is rigged that way. Models often require hundreds of art layers to be drawn and rigged manually. The live2d workflow is very time intensive, hence the high price. My average work time on a vtuber is 40-80h.

Pipeline overview
Concepting > Character Sheet > Live2d ready artwork > Live2d rigging > Tracking

Vtuber Terms
Expressions: An on/off toggle on a model that can include some movement. E.G. facial expressions, clothing toggles, colors.
Animations: More complex keyframed movement. E.G. waving, dancing, advanced expressions.

Vtuber Tracking Software
I exclusively use Vtube Studio for tracking. This software can be used to live track a users movements onto a live2d model with a iPhone or webcam. It is currently the leading software in its area and is updated regularly.
Features Include: Expression/Animations Shortcuts, Model Move Shortcuts, Tracking Customization, Transparent Capture, Image/gif Pinning, Idle animations, Advanced face tracking & Plugins.

Live2d Animation
The workflow of a live2d animation is similar to a vtuber. Generally the range of movement will be more focused and will not be rigged for face tracking. On completion the piece can be available as both a rendered video or interact-able model.
Existing Art: I'm happy to rig someone else's work with their approval! If it's a single image, it will need to be cut into layers and filled. (available as optional extra).

Live2d Art & Layer Breakup
Live2d ready artwork varies depending on its purpose. Layers can be broken up in many creative ways. For more detailed techniques, check out the live2d discord
Some handy layer features:
Masks: Live2d allows for layers to be masked to any other layer.
Draw Order: The position in the layer stack can be animated.
Supported Blend Modes: Add & Multiply.

Voids, Cutting & Filling
- If an item will move make sure there is something underneath the layer.
- For layers like shadows, leave extra room for movement. These layer can be clipped to multiple other layers anywhere in the document.

For further details I highly recommend checking out Faf's doc!

- Examples are a rough guideline, pieces may vary.
- Shareable examples are currently a bit limited. More examples will be added in the future!

Rough Sketch

Refined Sketch/Lined

Illustration/Painting Examples